Our Story

Z-Gallery was formerly known as Gallery Basquiat of Boston, in honor of Jean-Michel Basquiat for his transformation from Graffiti to Fine Arts.  The vision for Z-Gallery evolved when a collective of artists and samba, who recognized the arts as a tool for economic development and community building.   Presently, the gallery is home to several performing and visual artists, as well as fashion designers, and story tellers.

Guests and visitors look forward to spending time at a multi-purpose art place in the company of local artists seeking to make a living from the arts.  Whether it is during spoken word, live music, and/or theater, every guest at Z-Gallery is guaranteed an experience full of excitement, joy, and peace.

Creative Roxbury

Strategically located along the Dudley corridor between Bartlett Place, Dudley Square, and Grove Hall, Z-Gallery seeks to serve artists and residents across geographic areas thereby promoting social stability for economic development.   We recognize, advance, and publicize the talent of our members; sustain the economic viability of urban culture; and support Roxbury artists as a business sector of the Creative Industries.

We aim to play a key role in a promoting Roxbury as a cultural destination that encompasses interaction, fun, and experiential learning, with a particular focus on live performance, open studio and innovation.  We offer a co-creating space that features art and design residency, as well as innovative projects conceived to foster entrepreneurship among local residents.