Samareign & Doumafis

Samareign and Doumafis are consultants who seek to place the local artists at the center of economic development. Their expertise in Development helps to accelerate start-ups with annual budgets of $10,000.00. They are collaborative leaders, whose vision and perspective are respected and valued by partners at home and abroad. Locally, they do not reinvent the wheel, rather they introduce effective approach, such as art equity, and original concepts, like “The rich artist”, and modest living designed to connecting local artists to opportunities, and resources. They work with individuals, and/or organizations on strategy, and policy to solve problems at the local level. They advise developers on how to address gentrification, create value, and maximize business efficiency and profitability. They help partner developers and neighborhood stakeholders create understanding on the impact of urbanisation on the local economies, primarily artists who see themselves as a business, and/or small- medium enterprises (SME). While the overall outcome is to identify problems and communicate potential solutions, they keep the process within the partnership. Respectively, they own 33 Fusion and Artuxi, LLC and are the proprietors of two trademarks 33 Fusion and Six-sided Design. A partial list of their clients is as follows: Enfant Haitien Mon Frere, Port-au-Prince, Haiti; Frederick Douglass Memorial, Boston, MA; Oasis @Bartlett, Boston, MA; and Ujamaa GreenMart, East Africa.

About 33 Fusion: it is a modest art wear and jewelry that promotes a brand of modest clothing and wellness for Muslims.

About Six-sided Design: it is an art canvas conceived to showcase innovation and technology through the art.

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Samareign is an innovator, forward thinker, who brings timeless futuristic ideas, and concepts to life. She is the Owner and Proprietor of 33 Fusion, an international fashion design company, conceived to promote enterprise, service, and research. As Co-founder and Vice-President (VP) of Z Gallery, she is a core member of the leadership team. Furthermore, she is assisting to administer the Lower Roxbury Coalition, Inc., a community-based organization, with an overall budget of over $2 million dollars. In 2017, she joined the planning team, at Bartlett Station, to design Oasis @Bartlett, a public plaza, for public art installations. Samareign was born in the Sudan and has resided in multiple countries in Africa. Due to the two-decade old civil war that ravaged Somalia, she and her family relocated to Massachusetts. At that time, she was 15 years old. A few years ago, Samareign traveled to the Sudan, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, and Egypt to study, as well as launch a philanthropic initiative that fed and clothed homeless children in her neighborhood in Khartoum, Sudan. Upon her return to Boston, Samareign started helping a number of Arabic speaking individuals, couples, and families. Committed to perfection, she fully dedicates every minute to designing modest wear and accessories for Muslim girls and women. She believes, she can use 33 Fusion to combine her life’s philosophy, and future visions, to connecting Muslims inhabiting the four cardinal points of the Earth. She explains, “33 fusion is an expression, a celebration of Islam, and its amazing achievements”. Now the most important lessons learned, Samareign maintains, is shared life experience, learning with fellow Muslims, growing, and redeveloping. “Underneath our respective dome, we are, a fusion, at least 33 natural versions, a part of one another, the Islamic World.” Samareign always innovates, she is the first international Muslim, regional and local artist to design “street arts fashion show” with “murals as virtual runway” and “graffiti photo shoot series. Her commitment to human landscape is partly informed by her mentors. Doumafis, Owner, Proprietor of Six-sided™, author, and specialist in African local economies, and small- medium enterprise (SME); and Wellington Nyangoni, Professor at Brandeis University, a specialist in African Economic Development, international political economy, with an emphasis on the role of the United Nations, its specialized agencies, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and World Trade Organization. In 2008, Samareign earned a Bachelor of Science in Sociology, African and Afro American Studies, and a minor in Peace Conflict and Co-Existence Studies from Brandeis University. She also possesses two continuing learning certificates, one in Arabic Interpreting, and the other in Project Management. Finally, it must be noted, Samareign fully adheres to her company’s mission conceived to support local artists who see themselves as a business, for the purpose of a meek living. It then follows Samareign has reclaimed the scepter. She is challenging the chief to put down the gun to stop aiding, abetting, and killing infants, children, youth, and families. Even though the chief is not going to be happy, he needs to hear it.

Doumafis grew up in Pòtoprens, Ayiti (Port-au-Prince, Haiti), where he began providing care to children at the age of ten (10). He has since built a successful career in Executive Leadership. He has worked every aspect of development, organizing tenants, educating parents, facilitating meeting, including world café. Moreover, he administers a budget of over two million ($2 million) dollars. Doumafis is an adult learner who has been inspired by some of the world’s leading urban thinkers, i.e., Rachel Bratt, Ph.D., Mel King, Jane Karuku, Gus Newport et al. He uses his experience and foresight to proactively address risk factors before they become a problem. He works with local developers to prevent the dispossession of small- medium enterprises (SME) and displacement of low- moderate-income residents by promoting family stabilization through ownership and proprietorship. Lafontan exemplifies leadership, integrity, vivacity, and resourcefulness in every detail of his personal, professional, and daily life. He leads, educates, and empowers his team to communicate better than none. Four words, from Doumafis , a person can count on are, Learning; Interactive; Fun; and Experiential (LIFE). He is the Author of Krik? Krak! Dèyè mòn gen mòn, and After the dust settles the next practices for the transformation of Haiti, and a contributing writer to,, and Progress in Community Health Partnerships. Doumafis holds a Master of Leadership, Sol Price School of Public Policy, University of Southern California (USC); a Certificate in Management of Community-Based Organizations, Tufts University; and a Bachelor of Science in Human Services, Springfield College. Doumafis lives and resides in Boston, Massachusetts. He is the father of Gabe and Ita. Current position: 2003 – Present, Facilitator, Lower Roxbury Coalition, Inc., Boston, MA. Training and professional affiliation: 2017 – Present, Co-Founder, Ujamaa GreenMart, East Africa; Planning Team, Oasis@Bartlett, Roxbury, MA; 2014 – Present, Member, Association for the Study of Classical African Civilization (ASCAC), Albany, NY; 2013 – Present, Consultant, Frederick Douglass Sculpture Memorial, Roxbury, MA; Member, System Dynamic Society, Albany, NY; 2012 – Present, Co-Maker, Z gallery, Boston, MA; April 4 – April 14, 2011, Urban Studies Laboratory in Taiwan; Love River, Kaohsiung, Taiwan; May 23 – June 5, 2010, Urban Studies Laboratory in Hong Kong; Pearl River Delta, Foshan, China; February 2, 2009, Certificate of Completion, “Protecting Human Research Participants,” National Institute of Health (NIH), Washington, DC; and, 2007 – Present, Host, Caribbean Forum, 90.3 FM, WZBC, Newton, MA. Language: Kreyòl, English, and French. For more info: - LinkedIn: dumas-f-lafontant - Twitter: @doumafisla - Skype: Doumafis